Teaching & Mentoring Awards

Lauth Teaching Award, Department of Political Science, University of Georgia, 2019-2020.

School of Public and International Affairs Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Georgia, 2019.

Graduate School Outstanding Mentoring Award, Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Georgia, 2018.

Lisa Hertel Memorial Political Science Teaching Award, University at Buffalo, SUNY, 2012-2013.  


              • University of Georgia
  • Judicial Process & Behavior
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Criminal Justice Internships
  • The Politics of the Supreme Court
  • Special Topics in Law & Judicial Politics: The Supreme Court
  • Judicial Politics (Graduate)
  • Special Topics in Law, Courts, and Judicial: The Lower Courts & Hierarchy (Graduate)
              • University at Buffalo
  • Judicial Politics
  • Supreme Court Seminar
  • Constitutional Law: Powers and Constraints
  • Judicial Process (Graduate)
  • Political Frontiers in Public Law: Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives on Litigation (Graduate; co-taught with Lynn Mather)
              • Washington University in St. Louis (taught or assisted)
  • Administrative Law and Politics
  • Courts and Civil Liberties
  • Social Scientific Research for Lawyers
  • Law, Politics, and Society
  • National Security, Civil Liberties, and Law
  • Topics in American Politics: The Supreme Court
              • Wake Forest School of Law (assisted)
  • Legislation and Administrative Law