Teaching & Mentoring Awards

Graduate School Outstanding Mentoring Award, Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Georgia, 2018.

Lisa Hertel Memorial Political Science Teaching Award, University at Buffalo, SUNY, 2012-2013. 


              • University of Georgia
                      • Judicial Process & Behavior
                      • Criminal Justice Administration
                      • Criminal Justice Internships
                      • The Politics of the Supreme Court
                      • Special Topics in Law & Judicial Politics: The Supreme Court
                      • Judicial Politics (Graduate)
                      • Special Topics in Law, Courts, and Judicial: The Lower Courts & Hierarchy (Graduate)
              • University at Buffalo
                • Judicial Politics
                • Supreme Court Seminar
                • Constitutional Law: Powers and Constraints
                • Judicial Process (Graduate)
                • Political Frontiers in Public Law: Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives on Litigation (Graduate; co-taught with Lynn Mather)
              • Washington University in St. Louis (taught or assisted)
                • Administrative Law and Politics
                • Courts and Civil Liberties
                • Social Scientific Research for Lawyers
                • Law, Politics, and Society
                • National Security, Civil Liberties, and Law
                • Topics in American Politics: The Supreme Court
              • Wake Forest School of Law (assisted)
                • Legislation and Administrative Law