federal district court judge ideology data 

These ideology scores for confirmed federal district court judges use the methodology established in Giles, Hettinger, and Pepper's (2001) work and extended in work by Epstein, Martin, Segal, and Westerland (2007), the list of judges available from the Federal Judicial Center, and the data available on Poole's Voteview website.  The scores have been compiled using both the 110th Congress Common Space data and the 113th Congress Common Space data. 

The choice of which dataset to use matters if you plan to also use common space scores from other federal courts and/or other political branches.   If you are using the Epstein, Martin, Segal, and Westerland JCS data currently available at http://epstein.wustl.edu/research/JCS.html, use the 113th Congress Data.   If you are using the GHP scores (from 2010) currently posted at http://artsandsciences.sc.edu/poli/juri/measures.htm, use the 110th Congress Data.  For further details on why the estimated scores change when a new Congress is added, see Voteview.

113th Congress Data Downloads (1937-2014 appointments): (Mac users "save link as...." to download)
  • .dta format (STATA 13)
  • .dta format (STATA 12)
  • .xlsx format (Excel)
  • Important notes: There is no common space score for FDR.  All judges requiring his score have missing values. All scores requiring President Truman's score were compiled using his Senate score.

110th Congress Data Downloads (1945-2008 appointments): (Mac users "save link as...." to download)

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